January 2022 Skies

We might not have the Milky Way overhead in summer and the nights are much shorter and you need to go out later, but we certainly have some great things to see in the southern skies.

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December 2021 Skies

Summer starts in Australia and New Zealand on December 1, and the nights are most definitely getting shorter. Both countries use the meteorological definitions of the seasons. Other countries use…

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Meteor Showers

A casual observer may watch the sky at night and see 3 to 5 sporadic meteors per hour. However, on some nights, this number may increase markedly.

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October 2021 Skies

October Skies Spring is here! Spring brings out the wildflowers and some new things to see in the amazing sky! Scorpius and Sagittarius slowly leave our night skies to be…

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