Regional Skies

Expanding your business with Dark Sky Tourism

If you’re running a B&B, farm-stay or provide accommodation in an area with dark skies you have a unique opportunity. Donna ‘The Astronomer’ Burton, can help you take advantage of what’s in the night sky and encourage more guests to your property.

People are curious about what is ‘up there’ in the sky, but lack the knowledge to truly understand what they are seeing.

If you had the knowledge to be able to inform your guests would that add value to the service you already offer?

The Dark Sky offers you the opportunity, for a point of difference, and Donna the Astronomer can help you!

Tourism is regarded as a key sector through which to bring about sustainable development in rural areas. A suitable product offering should be identified that matches the rural area’s unique resources with market demand.

Dark skies are becoming a scarce resource as night lighting and atmospheric pollution increase. Dark Sky tourism opens new opportunities.

Associating nightscapes with culture and heritage presents the ideal opportunity to develop Dark Sky Tourism as a niche offering. 

Let me show you how a unique experience such as Dark Sky Tourism can be regarded as viable mechanism to bring about sustainable development in a rural context.