Have you ever looked up and wondered what’s up there in the night sky?

Are you a tourism operator who has thought about adding a night sky experience to your business?

Exploring the stars can be fun, entertaining and educational. It all depends on who is showing you your way around.

When your guide is a friendly and fun expert, you’re in for a great adventure.


Donna offers up close and personal experiences with me, my telescope and the night sky for individuals, groups and tourism operators.

Learn about the night sky with a personal hands on guided session at the Milroy Observatory.


Can’t get here but have a family or group of mates who want to know what is up there? Book an online virtual stargazing session where Donna will walk you through the wonders of the night sky above your own backyard.


Increase your bookings and expand your visitor experience with this unique program for property owners who want to offer a night skies adventure to their backyard.

Get an engaging and unique speaker for your next event who will make sure your audience is entertained and inspired. Great for schools, community groups and other organisations.


Training for budding astronomers who want to know more about the night skies above them, or who just want to take better photos of the stars. We run online classes for smartphone Astrophotography and beginning astrophotography no telescope required.

Received a new telescope and want help setting it up? Online Zoom assistance also available!

More info coming soon