It might be the winter solstice on June 21 but the Sun will actually come up later, not earlier, for a few more weeks yet.

There’s good news for those feeling depressed by dark and bitter winter days: it’s the solstice today.

It’s the day when we see the sun for the shortest time and for every day that follows we get a few more seconds of daylight.

The days are getting longer and sunset will be later each day but the mornings will continue to start later, at least for a few weeks. And it’s all thanks to a strange astronomical quirk.

The solstice is today June 21 and sunrise was at 7:01 am in Coonabarabran. The winter solstice means we’ll see the days getting longer but though the sun will set later in the day it’ll be a while before the sun rises any earlier.

Earliest sunset is on 12 June. Latest sunrise is on 30 June or 1 July.