Sky Views for February 2021

Sky Views for February 2021

Looking South on February 8th (image created in Stellarium)

Night Sky facing North on February 9 (Image created in Stellarium)

Planets in early morning sky on Feb 14 2021 looking East (Image created in Stellarium)

Looking North West on the night of 17th around 9am AEDT – Moon, Uranus and Mars (Image created in Stellarium)

The Morning sky around 6am on February 20 when Mercury is at its highest (Image created in Stellarium)

Donna the Astronomer

I am a keen astronomer lucky enough to live and work in Coonabarabran the Astronomy Capital of Australia! I am a ‘Drover’s Brat’ and discoverer of a couple of comets and asteroids. I operate Milroy Observatory and can show you how to best integrate dark sky experiences into your tourism, farm stay or AirBnB business.

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