Jupiter and Venus the two brightest planets can easily be seen with the naked eye in the daytime if you know where to look.This is a little bit easier when the moon is nearby and this is what will happen on Friday, September 25 after the Moon rises.

The moon will rise on Friday, 25 September at 11:45am Australian Eastern standard time.

This is where the Moon and Jupiter will be about 1:30pm on Friday September 25.

A waxing gibbous moon passes just over a degree south of Jupiter. Go out about 1:30 if you have a good eastern horizon as that will give Jupiter time to rise as well.

If you have binoculars just put the underside of the moon at the top of the view and you should easily be able to see a bright star like object down at around the 7 o’clock position.

The moon covers about half a degree of the sky the question is how big is this. One easy way to work this out is the hold up your pinkie finger and arm’s-length and cover the moon. you have covered about a degree of the sky.

Jupiter will be about a pinkie finger width below and to the left of the Moon and should look like a bright spot.

Have a try and see how you go. But be very very careful not to look at the sun as it can damage your eyes .